Preparing the Surface

Preparing the Surface

Your garage is one of the most used and most visible places in your home. It stores thousands of dollars in vehicles, tools, and anything else deemed worthy of your garage space. Show your garage some appreciation with Jam Flooring Epoxy, boosting your garage’s appearance and adding long term protection.

Installing Epoxy Flooring is all about prep work. It is important that directions are followed closely when prepping for Epoxy installation. Here is a helpful guide on proper Epoxy preparation.

Step One: Surface Clean-Up

Remove all items from the garage floor. If the surface was previously painted, remove all existing paint and debris. Epoxy works by bonding with the surface of your floor on a molecular level. Any contamination can compromise that process. For best results, we highly recommend using a diamond floor grinder, which you can find at your local home improvement store. Alternatively, you can use Jam Strip Gel to remove existing coatings. It is imperative that you thoroughly clean the surface before you begin installing epoxy.

Step Two: Etching The Surface

Skip this step if you chose to use a diamond floor grinder for preparation.

To ensure that the epoxy mechanically bonds to the concrete surface, use the Organic Etching Compound provided in your Epoxy Installation Kit, or purchased separately. The Organic Etching Compound is an organic solution that opens the pores of the concrete to ensure a solid bond for the epoxy installation. This solution is a process called “etching”, which creates more spaces on the floor for the epoxy to bond with.

Etching Directions:

  1. In a bucket, mix 1 part Organic Etching Compound to 4 parts water. Mix the solution thoroughly.
  2. Use a mop to spread the mixed Organic Etching Compound and scrub with a push broom from the rear of the garage to the entry. Be sure to use the Organic Etching Compound liberally in areas with crevices or cracks.
  3. Using water from a hose, spray down the garage floor, working from the rear of the garage to the front entry. The Blanched foam may develop as the water from the hose washes the mixed Organic Etching Compound away and out of the garage. Be certain that all Organic Etching Compound is washed away.

Organic Etching Compound is an organic salt-based compound and will not harm your driveway or landscaping.

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