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We manufacture, install and sell our own Epoxy Flooring Solution! No 3rd party or middle-men means you get the best prices for epoxy products anywhere! Jam Flooring is committed to providing a satisfactory experience to both clients and customers!

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HTC SuperFloor™ Certified

Aviation / Marine

Aircraft hangars have become much more than giant garages, they have become art exhibits. Just as you would’t put da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in just any ordinary building, you wouldn’t park the pride of your fleet in a dull looking and unprotected building. At Jam Flooring we treat each hangar as an art exhibit, installing only the most reflective and beautiful epoxy floors to compliment the contents of each unit. Our floors are easy to maintain and are extremely durable so they look beautiful all the time. Resistant to stains and markings, Jam epoxy floors have become the standard for aircraft hangars. Our installation team is outstanding and passionate about what we do each day. Commitment to excellence and quality has enabled Jam Flooring to become the leader in aviation flooring. Find out how we can exceed your expectations by contacting Epoxy Experts for a free estimate today.
“We were looking for a high gloss white floor epoxy coating for one our many aviation hangers.  The Jam Flooring team exceeded our expectations with their customer service and professional installation team.  We won’t go anywhere else.  I highly recommend Jam Flooring.”
U.S. Aviation Service National Manager
Mold is the archenemy of the boating world. But when your craft is surrounded by water it will mold eventually. To protect the exterior of the boat, Jam offers Water Shield which creates a tough surface that is protected from penetrating moisture.
Jam has met the demand for boat protection with epoxy design for interior application. Our epoxy completely seals the woodwork from any outside moisture that causes molding. Epoxy prevents costly boat repairs caused by mold.  Our products ensure complete mold prevention as well as an easy to clean surface that deters bacteria growth. We stand by our products capability to meet the needs of marine transportation and leisure.
“All of the interior storage spaces on our boat were molding and we couldn’t find anything to prevent it. After installing Jam’s All-Purpose Water Shield we haven’t had a problem since.”
Quality Control Manager of a U.S. Based boat manufacturer
Sarasota Epoxy coating company

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