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Concrete Floors

Concrete Sealing 

Sarasota Concrete polishingWhen exploring your concrete options you must consider hot tire resistance, chemical resistance and a fitting appearance. It’s of little use installing concrete if you don’t have a way to protect it. Consider concrete sealing with Super Protect and Seal. Super Protect and Seal shields your concrete from harmful deterioration leaving a high-gloss finish to provide you with a beautiful, durable floor.

  • Concrete Sealing is deal for use where durability, longevity, resistance to heavy foot traffic and low maintenance are important.
  • Popular uses are vehicle showrooms, retail stores and warehouses, schools and food preparation facilities.

Although it may appear that concrete is indestructible, that is far from the truth. Over time, the top coating of concrete can start to deteriorate (Oxidation) due to the sun and will begin to break down, causing it to age rapidly producing chips and flakes that break away from the top surface. In cooler climates, moisture that penetrates the concrete can freeze and thaw constantly causing the concrete to spall, crack, and even heave or buckle. If the concrete is not sealed, the moisture on the surface will allow mold and mildew to grow. Purchase Jam Protect and Seal to give your concrete floor a long life.

Concrete Staining

Stained concrete floors are becoming increasingly common in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors because of its wide array of benefits and advantages. Stained concrete is an affordable option that offers lasting durability and requires little maintenance.

  • Concrete Staining is designed to be UV-light resistant to deter fading or color blemish. Unlike concrete paints, concrete stain will not chip or peel.
  • Correectly designed and installed concrete staining will capture the elegant look of more expensive flooring options such as sandstone, granite and slate. Because of this your floor will look stylish and expensive compared to unstained concrete.

Florida Concrete prep

Concrete Polishing

Within commercial and industrial facilities, polished concrete is always a top choice. Due to its unmatched low maintenance requirement, long life and affordable price – polished concrete is in higher demand than ever, and that demand now reaches into the residential sector.

Polished concrete offers benefits that both builders and designers enjoy:

  • The surface of polished concrete has great grip wet or dry. If dust and dirt is kept off of the surface, polished concrete will provide more grip than waxed floors at a fraction of the price. Also, the surface is ready to use right after the polishing is complete, saving time and resources.
  • Polished concrete is incredibly shiny and because of this more light is reflected off the floor and back upwards into the environment. The added ambient lighting is a money saving factor as you are able to reduce the amount of lighting you are using to achieve the same brightness.
  • Efflorescence occurs in concrete when moisture is lost to the atmosphere and presents a cosmetic problem as the concrete will flake away. Polished concrete is protected from this flaking due to its sealing nature. This brings the maintenance cost down as it is one less thing you need to upkeep in your building.

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