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We manufacture, install and sell our own Epoxy Flooring Solution! No 3rd party or middle-men means you get the best prices for epoxy products anywhere! Jam Flooring is committed to providing a satisfactory experience to both clients and customers!

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Epoxy Floors

Sarasota Floor Coating CompanyDecorative Epoxy Flooring

Jam Flooring offers numerous options for customers who wish to decorate their flooring. There are a vast amount of combinations with color, texture, and styles that Jam Flooring can put together to satisfy any cosmetic goal. With a large selection of Epoxy floors, it is easy to achieve the perfect decorative look. Jam offers fleck chips for your personal design taste and floor layout options to achieve the look you desire.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy coating provides your floor with superior protection. You can forget about chips, flakes and stains because epoxy coating combats the wear and tear that your floor will encounter. With its high gloss finish your floor will look fantastic. Epoxy floor coating is excellent over concrete and pavement. Excellent for areas prone to high humidity and areas subject to bacterial and fungal growth, it can also be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Our products also provide protection from stains and unwanted markings such as graffiti and chemical spills.

Sarasota Professional Epoxy Installation

Seamless Floors

Seamless floors are an ideal choice for a variety of facilities. Commonly used in places where sanitation is important, seamless floors offer a floor surface closed off to dirt and bacteria. Seamless floors have no edges and have no place for unsanitary material to gather. They are very easy to clean and require little maintenance, making them popular in schools and food preparation facilities. These floors are the safest flooring available which has made them the standard in the flooring industry.

Anti Skid

Slippery surfaces are extremely hazardous to both people and equipment. A slick surface is a constant concern as it is an accident waiting to happen, especially in high traffic areas. All it takes is a single accident to induce regret with the current flooring selection. Jam offers anti-skid protection treatment that can be applied to any of our flooring choices. Now more than ever, anti-skid floor treatments are in high demand especially in restaurants and kitchens where floors often become oily and greasy. Jam offers anti-skid flooring that will maintain safety and grip in even the most slippery conditions. Take the extra step with anti-skid treatment and never lose your footing again.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy is a very popular choice for residential and commercial spaces where the floor is a major contributor to the overall appearance of the property. Metallic epoxy floors offer installers numerous ways to customize the appearance of the floor. From three dimensional style patterns to glistening patinas, metallic epoxy is sure to capture the eye of every person. This flooring option is most common in retail stores, lobby’s, hotels, restaurants and salons because metallic floors offer unrivaled elegance and outstanding strength against marks and damages. Metallic epoxy floors are where beauty and intelligence meet.

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