Preparing Your Countertop

There are a few things you have to know before you install Countertop Epoxy, here are a few important details you should read over:


The environment in which you install Countertop Epoxy is highly critical. Ideal conditions are above 75° because at temperatures below 75° the epoxy does not cure properly resulting in a murky surface. We advise using a heater of some sort during the 72hr curing process.


Measuring is something you should not take lightly. Do not mix more than 1⁄2 a gallon Resin with 1⁄2 gallon Hardener at once. This is to ensure that you measure out each solution accurately and get the best results. In total, 1 gallon should be mixed at once (1⁄2 Resin 1⁄2 Hardener) smaller amounts are ok to mix as long as it is a 50/50 mix ratio. The Hardener solution should be poured first followed by the Resin agent. This is to help the solution mix better. Use a new container for each mix as any previous mix left over in a container will contaminate the following batch with curing epoxy.

Mixing and Pouring

It is very important that you scrape the the sides of your container and stirring stick during the mixing process only. Unmixed material left on the sides and then scraped down into the solution will compromise your 50/50 mix ratio. This will leave uncured sticky spots on your surface. When you are applying your Epoxy, pour the entire container out on your surface and then do not return to that container as any Epoxy left in that container will cure at a different speed than the Epoxy you applied.

An Important Note:

We recommend that you do a small scale test of your Epoxy application before you mix large amounts of solution to ensure that your application is correct and provides you with the desired results.

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