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Tools for Epoxy Application

You can't install epoxy with your bare hands. That's why we provide all the necessary tools and unlimited support for a job well done.

Why Choose Jam Flooring?

We manufacture, install and sell our own Epoxy Flooring Solution! No 3rd party or middle-men means you get the best prices for epoxy products anywhere! Jam Flooring is committed to providing a satisfactory experience to both clients and customers!

The Jam Flooring Difference

Installing Epoxy

Let Jam Flooring guide you in your epoxy installation journey! Click on an image below to learn more.

Preparing the Surface

Preparing the Surface

Your epoxy floor will last a lifetime if the prepping is done correctly. Follow these prep directions carefully so your grandchildren can enjoy your new floor too.

Applying Epoxy

Applying Epoxy

It is time to unwrap up your Jam Epoxy kit and let the joy of home improvement soak into your garage floor.

Preparing Your Countertop

There are a few things you have to know before you install Countertop Epoxy, here are a few important details you should read over: Temperature The environment in which you install Countertop Epoxy is highly critical. Ideal conditions are above 75° because at temperatures below 75° the epoxy does not cure properly resulting in a…

Installing Countertop Epoxy

Important Note Wipe all surfaces down with a clean dry cloth and remove all debris such as dust from the surface. If the solution will be applied to stainless steel, formica, copper or laminate you can go on to Step #1 skipping the Seal Coat step below. If your surface is copper based, apply an…

Maintenance and More

The following information for further Countertop Epoxy application are known to be accurate. They are written for use of persons with technical know how at their own expense. These applications are outside of our control and we cannot accept liability for unintended results. Advanced Techniques Embedding Solid Objects Items such as rocks, bottle caps, coins…

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