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Oily Floor Epoxy


Our Oily Floor Epoxy is a concrete floor sealer for use on floors contaminated with oil, grease, animal fat, cutting coolant, transmission fluid, etc.

This 100% solids epoxy coating cures in about 12 hours for foot traffic and is fully cured within 24 hours for heavy traffic.

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Product Description

Oily Floor Epoxy (OFP) is a two part 100% solids epoxy floorEpoxy for use on floors contaminated with oil, grease, cutting coolant, transmission fluid, and other chemicals. OFP can also be used as a vapor barrier on concrete floors that sweat or are in structures near or at sea level.

Coverage per 3 gallon kit ranges from 100-400 sq. ft. depending on condition of the floor.

OFP is a NO VOC solid epoxy primer that has no odor and can be used in closed interior spaces. This system allows to mix the 2 pre-measured components together without having to worry about ratios.

OFP must be top coated with 100% solids Jam Epoxy, which is available in all of the necessary colors your facilities use.

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Weight 20 lbs