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Maintenance and More

The following information for further Countertop Epoxy application are known to be accurate. They are written for use of persons with technical know how at their own expense. These applications are outside of our control and we cannot accept liability for unintended results.

Advanced Techniques

Embedding Solid Objects

Items such as rocks, bottle caps, coins etc… can be inserted into the Countertop Epoxy surface. However, the surface must first be sealed with a base coat
of Epoxy. Following the base coat, the items can be inserted carefully but do not allow air bubbles to appear. At this point you can either allow the surface to cure with the items and then add another layer of Epoxy or you can simply leave the first coat as a sealer.

Embedding Pictures

Pictures can be embedded into the Countertop Epoxy surface using Mod Podge which is available on This will prevent the Epoxy from eating through the pictures, paper objects or any other material you include on your surface.


If a re-coat is needed and it is within the initial 4-10 hour curing window of the first coat, no further preparation work is required. However, if the curing window exceeds 10 hours from the initial coating a light sanding is required. Clear the dust off the surface with denatured alcohol and wiped down with a clean and lint free rag. Scratches left from sanding will be dissipated in the next coat and the surface will look like glass once more.


Surface Is Soft, Wet or Sticky after 48 hours

The cause of this problem is a solution that was not properly mixed. When the two Epoxy components are mixed they should be mixed thoroughly. The solution is to apply a new flood coat over
the entire surface. If the surface is soft or wet use denatured alcohol and a paint scraper to remove as much of the previous soft coating as possible then pour the new Epoxy layer on top. This new coat will dry and harden the entire surface if all steps are followed properly.

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles scattered across the entire surface are a result of not removing bubbles during the installation process.

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Preparing Your Countertop

There are a few things you have to know before you install Countertop Epoxy, here are a few important details you should read over: Temperature The environment in which you install Countertop Epoxy is highly critical. Ideal conditions are above 75° because at temperatures below 75° the epoxy does not cure properly resulting in a… Continue Reading